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gosselin tubes 1GOSSELIN's tubes are injected thanks to high-tech equipments that assures products compliance with laboratory uses. All our tubes are made in one piece in order to maximize resistance.

GOSSELIN offers a wide range of tubes available in polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP) from 1 to 50 ml. We propose tubes with round, flat, conical or winged base designed to adapt on different analysers on the market.

Benefits of GOSSELIN tubes:

• MANUFACTURING PROCESS : All closures and tubes are produced with high-tech equipments using injection technology. The raw plastics used are pure and comply with the environmental standards in force. Each production lot is subject to inspection throughout the entire production process according to the standard references in force, which are reinforced by GOSSELIN own criteria.

• TUBES SHAPES : Wide range of tubes : round base, conical base, flat base, winged base, can be used with the different analysers is on the market.

• RESISTANCE : Most of our tubes are designed to withstand centrifugation up to a maximum at 3000 g with a suitable adaptor in a balanced rotor.

• CLOSURES : Our closures are suitable for different usage of tubes and applications. That's why we offer straight, winged, skirted or screw caps. All closures are vertically ribbed for easier grip.

• PACKAGING : All tubes are protected with a polyethylene outer bag placed inside the boxes beforehand to prevent any risk of particle contamination.

• PRODUCT TRACEABILITY : Thanks to the product label on each box, we can trace each production cycle. This label includes lot number and expiry date if the product has been sterilized.

• RAW MATERIALS : Compliant with the European directives in force, especially the absence of heavy metals (CE N°1935/2004), food compatibility (94/62/EC) and CE marking relating to medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics(98/79/EC).