RBC Bioscience, a leading global provider of life science products, is based in Taiwan with research partners in Korea and Japan. RBC Bioscience was first established in 2004 and recapitalized in January 2006. As an ISO9001 and CE certified manufacturer of Life Science products for clinical and research applications in Molecular diagnostics, RBC with our vast network of distributors in 27 countries worldwide is able to provide you, our valued customers, with our comprehensive line of Molecular products.
We are deeply committed to new discoveries in molecular biology. Our innovative products include the following:
* HIT Competent cells: RBC HIT Competent Cells are the fastest transformation cells worldwide with one Minute one Step and Non-Heat Shock patented protocol.
* OnePick Blunt End Cloning Vector allows direct selection of positive recombinants via disruption of the cytotoxic OP sequence. Guarantees that your selection never hit around but on the head.
We have dedicated ourselves to be an innovative, dynamic inventor and manufacturer with highly qualified business units in the following areas:
* Life science
* Molecular Biology
* Genetic Diagnostic
* Genetic Automation
* Consumer Products

Certificates and Patents

To see RBC certificates and patents see link.