companyprofileBio-Lab Ltd. celebrates 45 years of expanded activities in Israel. Founded in 1974 in Jerusalem as a cell culture media laboratory, the company expanded its activity and technology tools by adding:

Start of production:
1979 - Chemicals and solvents purification to high AR and HPLC grade line. 
1992 - Molecular biology reagents and the formulation. 
1993 - Launching the Organic chemistry activity, conducting process development projects and custom synthesis for Pharma and Biotech companies.

The company became a member in the European market in 1995, with the establishment of its marketing office in The Netherlands.

The company moved to its new 7000 m2 facilities in 1998, the organic chemicals production unit erected in 2004. The facility has enlarged its capacity by an additional 5000 m2 extension. With the recent addition of a new R & D laboratory in France established in 2006, a new plant for liquid products was launched in France in 2012.

Bio-Lab Ltd. consists of three main departments: 

Biology Department:

Bio-Lab Ltd. produces in Jerusalem various products in our plant for molecular biology, products such as buffers, reagents, enzymes and more. All products manufactured by Bio – Lab are in accordance to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards. In addition to our self-production we introduce to the Israeli market a variety of companies from around the world.

Our department was established 40 years ago with emphasis on cooperation and mutual trust between the Company and our customers. Our team consists of professional, responsible and reliable people who are highly committed to our customers. Our main contacts are with hi-tech biotechnology, universities, research institutes, hospitals and more.

Chemistry Department:

Bio–Lab Ltd. manufactures a wide range of products for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research customers in Israel and abroad. All our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards.

We manufacture products in the following areas:

Liquid Solvents Line:
- HPLC, ULC and LC-MS solvents 
- Environmental solvents (Pesticide, EOX, PAH, capillary GC grade). 
- Chiral solvents 
- Extra dry solvents 
- Formulation

Organic Chemistry & Synthesis:
- Molecular Biology Reagents 
- DNA Synthesis 
- Peptides 
- Fluorescent Dyes 
- Process development and Organic Synthesis

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HACCP Department:

HACCP Department is a leader in the Israeli market providing food and water safety services in the food and hotel industry nationwide. Our service includes all aspects of safety products, from the design of the kitchen, process control, up to food quality control laboratories. Bio – Lab ltd. has laboratories for food sampling and chemistry, department of Food Safety Controls, Department of Planning and licensing kitchens. Among our customers are catering companies, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, coffee shops, food fairs and more.

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