Through continuous new product innovation, Axygen brand products offer new solutions for genomics sample handling, delivery and storage, improving the way research is done in the laboratory today. Axygen brand products include automation tips, pipet tips, PCR plates, deep well and storage plates, microtubes, sealing options, and the AxyPrep™ portfolio of nucleic acid purification kits for Next Generation Sequencing applications.
Axygen branded plastic consumables are made and certified to be free from DNase/RNase and are nonpyrogenic.
From collection to analysis, our technical experts understand your challenges and your need for simplified, efficient, low- to high-throughput genomics processes.
A combination of global manufacturing expertise, extensive use of in-house automation, an unsurpassed commitment to product innovation and a thorough understanding of your processes enables Corning to offer a beginning-to-end portfolio of high-quality, reliable consumables and reagents for genomics applications.

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Robotic Tips:

Compatible with Agilent®/Velocity11 Automation Systems

Compatible with Beckman Coulter® Automation Systems
Compatible with Hamilton® Microlab® Automation Systems
Compatible with PerkinElmer® Automation Systems
Compatible with Tecan® Automation Systems


For MSDS and Certificate of Analysis, please contact our Bio-Lab team.