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Established in Bologna (Italy) in 2003 with the support of the Ministry of Education, to encourage cooperation agreements between Universities and industry, today Cyanagen is a thriving Company that produces reagents for research in molecular diagnostics.
Cyanagen's major product lines, based on its internationally patented technologies, are the result of internal research programs aiming to achieve outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity and stability. The technologies developed by Cyanagen are particularly user friendly, thus facilitating customer applications. The products are extremely versatile and perfectly suited to the latest analytical instrumentation. These products are available as OEM. Another added benefit for the customer is Cyanagen's direct and continuous technical support. This offers the client a dedicated, individual follow up in regard to problem solving.
Thanks to the wide range technical knowledge of its researchers, developed under the guidance of Dr. Della Ciana, President and Scientific Director of the Company, Cyanagen supports clients in their research and development programs in the diagnostics and bioanalytical fields and carries out chemical synthesis according to client specifications.
Dr. Della Ciana and his staff have a number of registered patents and published articles in several prestigious, specialized international magazines.
Over the years, Cyanagen has also focused on collaborations for applications to national and international research calls. This has led to the development and the implementation of new technologies and products, and the development of strong partnerships with various academic, scientific and industrial groups. Thus ensuring that Cyanagen is constantly leading the way with its product lines and in meeting the growing demands and needs of both the market and developing technologies.

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