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Gosselin samplingincolulationGOSSELIN offers a wide range of disposable items from sampling to inoculation. Packaging has been studied to meet the users' expectations. (Individuals wrapping, multiples packs)

Benefits of GOSSELIN's sampling and inoculation range of products :

USE : A full range of disposable products from sampling to inoculation. Packaging has been designed to meet the users' expectations (individual wrapping, multiple packs). Our products are adapted in terms of packaging and product specification.

PACKAGING : All products are protected by a polyethylene outer bag placed inside the boxes beforehand to prevent any risk of particle contamination.

PRODUCT TRACEABILITY : Thanks to the product label on each box, we can retrace each production cycle. This label includes lot number and expiry date if the product has been sterilized.

RAW MATERIALS : Compliant with the European directives in force, especially the absence of heavy metals (CE N°1935/2004), food compatibility (94/62/EC) and CE marking relating to medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics(98/79/EC).