Category: Disposables
Manufacturer: GenFollower

GenFollower 0.2ml PCR 8 Tube Strips Sterile with Extremely Optical PCR 8 Cap Sterile (Product #92800208RTC)

Technical Features:

  • You can autoclave these PCR strip 8 tubes at 121°C.
  • They are free of detectable RNase, DNase, heavy metals, and human DNA.
  • They are also non-pyrogenic.
  • They come with clear graduation marks for precise sample volumes.
  • The thin and smooth walls ensure efficient heat transfer, facilitating the PCR.
  • The leak proof seal prevents cross-contamination and wastage of valuable samples.
  • With etched flat caps and cap edges, labeling becomes a lot easier.
  • The highly transparent walls make it easy-to-use these PCR tube strips.
  • They are available in pre-sterilized packaging.


8*125 pieces/box

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