BioDoc-It® Imaging System

Category: Equipment
Manufacturer: UVP

BioDoc-It® Imaging System
BioDoc-It Systems are now available in two different configurations - select your choice of camera and door design. BioDoc-It 220 models feature a 1.3 megapixel camera plus side access doors; BioDoc-It 210 models feature a 0.3 megapixel camera (no side doors). Capture, preview and save gel images with user-friendly features that enable fast, easy to use gel documentation for fluorescent and colorimetric imaging. The systems allow users to perform image capture functions with a touch of the screen. The simple design is excellent for multiple user laboratories. An external computer is not required; though network connectivity is possible for transfer of images directly to your computer.

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Fluorescent Gels
Colorimetric Gels with addition of UV to White Light Converter Plate

  • BioDoc-It systems are available with the choice of camera: 0.3 megapixel camera (FluorCam 210) for quick image capture or the 1.3 megapixel camera (FluorCam 220) for superior image quality
  • Side access doors are included in the BioDoc-It 220 models for moving or cutting gels while viewing on the screen or through the viewer window
  • The 8 inch LCD screen with new touch screen technology allows users to easily select screen options with the stylus pen.
  • The integrated software provides increased simplicity for image capture and live preview of images and saving images.
  • Save images in TIFF, JPEG or GIF file formats.USB drive allows users to save captured images to the USB thumb stick (1 GB min. stick included).
  • Network connectivity is possible for transfer of images directly to a remote computer.


  • Easy to use software interface with touch control buttons
  • Live - See a live preview of the gel
  • Snap - Capture the image
  • Save - Save the snapped image; select from TIFF, GIF and JPEG file formats. Users can save to the BioDoc-It, USB drive or connect to a network to transfer images to a separate computer
  • Print - Connect to an optional printer
  • Time Stamp - Set the date and time for each image captured
  • Exp Warn - Set the exposure warning
  • Preferences - Set user preferences
  • Integration - Increase or decrease integration times


  • Select from two cameras: (A) 0.3 megapixel camera (FluorCam 210) with 8-bit depth for quick image capture and documentation and (B) 1.3 megapixel camera (FluorCam 220) with 12 bit depth, 16 file bit depth for superior image quality and resolution
  • Assembly connects to the darkroom for easy access and control of the zoom lens


  • Small footprint darkroom features integrated benchtop transilluminator
  • Choice of transilluminators include selection of single or multiple UV wavelengths and filter sizes from 20x20cm to 25x26cm
  • The LCD screen pivots for optimum viewing angleTouch screen technology allows users to select system functions with a stylus pen
  • Overhead white light is built into the darkroom
  • Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) filter located in the sliding filter tray under the camera
  • Unique gel viewer window blocks UV while allowing visualization of samples without opening the door


  • Access doors included on the BioDoc-It 220 models are positioned on each side of the darkroom for moving or cutting gels without opening the front door