ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager

Category: Equipment
Manufacturer: UVP

ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager
The introduction of the all-new ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager marks a new generation of simplicity and imaging control for researchers. The Imager successfully combines a powerful, integrated touch screen software interface into an easy-to-use plug and play unit. The image acquisition functions are presented in a straightforward and efficient workflow format allowing the user to spend less time hassling with equipment and more time conducting research and analysis. Quick and simple image capture with a touch of the screen!

Applications for this system include gel documentation, chemiluminescent blots, Northern blots, Southern blots, chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent westerns, protein blots, dot blots, protein gels, bioluminescence, DNA gels, blue light gels, TLC gels, colony plates, 2D gels, multiplex, colorimetric, visible light gels, autoraphiographs, microplates, microarrays

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The ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imagers with the new integrated touch screen simplify workflow for imaging of chemiluminescent, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gels and blots. Users can simply click the Live Preview button to immediately view an image sample. Then click Capture (Auto or Manual). The exposure, aperture, zoom and focus can be adjusted using the convenient touch screen control panel. All settings are clearly displayed on the screen. The built-in computer creates a networkable stand-alone system allowing users to save images to a USB stick or to a remote computer for further analysis or documentation. Users of the new ChemiDoc-ItTS2 can:

  • Optimize gel and chemiluminescent blot imaging with highly sensitive megapixel resolution, scientific-grade cooled CCD cameras.
  • View low light samples in the light-tight darkroom which creates an optimum environment for viewing chemiluminescent blots.
  • Select components as required for specific applications. The modular design allows selection of UV transilluminator, emission filters, LED white light plate (for samples, such as Coomassie Blue, that require white light transillumination) and UV modules for epi UV illumination. Or add a BioLite MultiSpectral Light Source for multiplex imaging. Click the Options tab for accessories information.


  • Ease of Use: The straightforward interface guides users through live preview, capture and save functions. When a function is active, the software clearly highlights the status for ease of workflow and navigation.
  • Touch Screen: Users can easily control settings with the user-intuitive touch screen interface
  • Preferences: User preferences allow adjustment of system settings such as selection of emission filter names, binning and location for saving images.
  • Select language of choice: English, Chinese (simplified), Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese or German.



Select from highly sensitive cooled CCD cameras for optimizing fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging:

  • ChemiDoc-ItTS2 810 with class-leading image resolution enables shorter exposure times in fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications
  • ChemiDoc-ItTS2 510 delivers affordable, high sensitivity chemiluminescence and fluorescence capabilities


  • Networkability: The built-in computer creates a networkable stand-alone imaging system. Users can capture images in one compact system, then transfer the images to a separate computer for further documentation or analysis. A single-user VisionWorks®LS license (included with the ChemiDoc-ItTS2) supplies extensive image enhancement and analysis tools.
  • Emission Filter: A slide-out, five-position emission filter tray is conveniently located on the right side of the darkroom for placement of filters. An ethidium bromide filter is standard. The design enables easy access for exchange of filters for unlimited filter use. UVP offers a wide range of filter choices; contact UVP for filter information.
  • Transilluminator: A transilluminator is conveniently placed on the roll-out tray for easy access to the filter surface.
  • Chemiluminescence: A chemi tray fits on top of the transilluminator for placement of samples such as Western blots.

Integrated and compact design lets you easily achieve picture perfect imaging results every time! The system not only captures fluorescent gel images, researchers can be assured of superior sensitivity for low-light chemiluminescent Western blot applications as well. A chemi tray included with the system is specifically designed for placement of Western blot/protein immunoblot and other samples not requiring transillumination lighting. For multiplex imaging applications, add a BioLite™ MultiSpectral Light Source for directed epi excitation. For colorimetric applications, add a uniform LED white light plate or white light converter plate. Refer to the Options tab for modular components that can be added for specific applications.


When calibration of the light source in the system is required, the Luminescence Calibration Standard (optional) can be used to emit a very stable light over four orders of magnitude. The standard can be used for validation of measuring equipment, including cameras.