HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit-100

Category: Nucleic Acid Purification
Manufacturer: RBC Bioscience
Cat# YPD100
HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit
Increased Yield / Mini Column

The HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit is designed for rapid isolation of plamid or cosmid DNA from 1-4 ml of bacterial cultures. The modified alkaline lysis method followed by RNase treatment is utilized to obtain cleared cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA or RNA contamination. Silica spin technology coupled with chaotrophic salt provides a reliable DNA binding and elution system. Purified DNA is ready for restriction digestion, ligation, PCR and sequencing reaction.

Storage and Stability : Store at Room Temperature
Packing : 100 mini preps / Kit
Protocol: "Plasmid mini Kit(YPD YPI YPM YPD96B) protocol V3.0"

Sample source
: Plasmid DNA from Bacteria
Sample size: 1-4ml of Bacterial culture
Typical Plasmid Yield:
Low Copy Number: 0.5-5μg
High Copy Number: 10-20μg (Max 30μg)
Preparation Time: 20 minutes





PD Column

100 columns

2 ml Collection Tube

100 tubes

PD1 Buffer

25 ml

PD2 Buffer

25 ml

PD3 Buffer

40 ml

W1 Buffer

50 ml

Wash Buffer

25 ml

Elution Buffer

10 ml

RNase A

50 µl