HiYield™ Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit-300

Category: Nucleic Acid Purification
Manufacturer: RBC Bioscience
Cat# YDF300
HiYield™ Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit
Up to 90% Recovery from Gel slice
The HiYield™ Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is designed to recover or concentrate DNA fragments (50bp-10Kb) from agarose gels, PCR or other enzymatic reactions. The unique dual purpose application and high yield DNA/minicolumn make this kit an exceptional value. The method uses a chaotropic salt, guanidine thiocyanante to dissolve agarose gel and denature enzymes. DNA fragments in chaotropic salt solution bind to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. Following washing off of contaminants, the purified DNA fragments are eluted by addition of low salt elution buffer or water. Salts, enzymes and unincorporated nucleotides are effectively removed from reaction mixtures without phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation.

Storage and Stability: Store at Room Temperature
Packing : 300 mini preps / Kit
Protocol: "GEL PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit(YDF) protocol V3.0"

Sample size: up to 200mg of agarose gel or 100μl of PCR Solution
Gel/PCR Recovery: 70-80% / 80-90%
Preparation time: 20 min
Elution Volume: 20-50ul
Effective Binding Capacity: ~10 μg
Effective Primer Removal: < 25 bp
Seq. Cut-Off: 50bp - 10kb


DF Column

100 column

2 ml Collection Tube

100 tubes

DF Buffer

200 ml

Wash Buffer

40 ml

Elution Buffer

30 ml