BioLong-Plus Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTPs

Category: Molecular Biology
Manufacturer: Bio-Lab

Cat# 959758026121
BioLong-Plus Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTPs
For high fidelity PCR amplification of long DNA fragments up to 20 kb

BioLong-Plus is an improved version of the old BioLong Taq DNA Polymerase combines high quality standard of Taq DNA polymerase with a high-fidelity, proof reading of Pfu. It possess the same features as the previous version with improve activity. This enzyme blend acts effectively and produces significantly higher yields, longer size and 6 times higher fidelity than standard Taq DNA polymerase.

Amplification using Taq DNA Polymerase is generally limited to amplifying up to 4-6 kb, depending on template. This is partly due to the lack of proof reading-exonuclease activity of the Taq DNA Polymerase. Correction of mis¬incorporated nucleotides by the Pfu proofreading enzyme when mixed with the processive Taq DNA Polymerase, increases the length of the amplification product.

Storage and Stability: Store at -20°C
Packing: 250ul, 200ul
Protocol: "BioLong Plus Taq DNA Polymerase"

BioLong-Plus Taq DNA polymerase 1.25U/μl 200 μl
X5 PCR reaction buffer (dNTPs included) 2x1 ml
X5 Enhancer-Plus buffer 0.5 ml