Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Tissue)-100

Category: Nucleic Acid Purification
Manufacturer: RBC Bioscience
Cat# YGT100
Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Tissue)
Ideal for animal tissue extraction
Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (Tissue) has been designed for purification of total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial) from a variety of animal tissues or cells. The provided micropestle can efficiently homogenize tissue sample to shorten the time for lysis. The method uses proteinase K and a chaotropic salt, guanidine hydrochloride to lyses cells and degrade protein. DNA in chaotropic salt binds to the glass fiber matrix of column. After washing off the contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted by low salt elution buffer or water. Purified DNA of approximately 20-30 kb in length is suitable for PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

Storage and Stability : Store at Room Temperature
Packing: 100 mini preps / Kit
Protocol: "Genomics Extraction Kit(YGB YGBM YGT YGP YGPM) protocol V2013-1"

Sample (Protocols Included): 20mg of tissue, 0.5 cm of mouse tail, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue, Buccal Swab



GD Column

100 columns

2 ml Collection Tube

100 tubes

Tube Micropestles

100 columns

W1 Buffer

50 ml

Wash Buffer

25 ml

Elution Buffer

30 ml

GB Buffer

30 ml

GT Buffer

30 ml

Proteinase K

22 mg