Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Plant)-300

Category: Nucleic Acid Purification
Manufacturer: RBC Bioscience
Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Plant)
Duo Buffer Extraction System
The Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Plant) (Duo Buffer System) provides a fast and simple method to isolate DNA from plant tissue and cells. In the first step the sample is lysed by homogenization. The lysate is treated with RNase A to remove RNA. In the presence of a chaotropic salt, the genomic DNA in the lysate binds to the glass fiber matrix in the spin column. The contaminants are washed with an ethanol based wash buffer and purified genomic DNA is eluted by low salt elution buffer or water. The protocol does not require DNA phenol extraction and alcohol precipitation. The entire procedure can be completed in 60 minutes.

Storage and Stability: Store at Room Temperature
Packing: 300 mini preps / Kit
Protocol: "Genomics Extraction Kit(YGB YGBM YGT YGP YGPM) protocol V2013-1"

Sample: 1g of plant tissue
Yield: 300μg 
Elution Volume: 50μl
Operation time: < 60 mins



GD Column

300 columns

2 ml Collection Tube

600 tubes

Filter column

300 columns

W1 Buffer

130 ml

Wash Buffer

40 ml

Elution Buffer

60 ml

GP1 Buffer

130 ml

GPX1 Buffer

130 ml

GP2 Buffer

40 ml

GP3 Buffer

50 ml

RNase A

1.65 ml