96-Well PCR Clean Up Kit (Centrifuge/Vacuum)-10

Category: Nucleic Acid Purification
Manufacturer: RBC Bioscience
Cat# YDF96B-10
96-Well PCR Clean Up Kit
Ready to Use Total Solution (Centrifuge/Vacuum Protocol)
RBC Real Genomics 96-well PCR Clean Up Kit is based on a reliable convenient silica format and is compatible with both centrifuge and vacuum protocols. It contains all the necessary plates, buffers and accessories for easy use straight from the box. Using RBC Real Genomics 96-well PCR Clean Up Kit, as many as 96 amplification reactionscan be processed in parallel in 25 minutes. The high quality silica membrane DNA filter plate ensures low well to well and batch to batch variability.

Storage and Stability: Store at Room Temperature
Packing : 10x96 preps / Kit
Protocol: "GEL PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit(YDF) protocol V3.0"

Validation kit includes all components for testing centrifuge and vacuum protocol system.
Final contents will differ depending on user preference for centrifuge or vacuum protocol.


96-well PCR Plate

10 pcs

96 well 2 ml Sample Plate

20 pcs

0.35ml Plasmid Binding Plate

10 pcs

Wash Buffer

125 ml

Elution Buffer

100 ml

Binding Buffer

280 ml

Sealing Film

25 sheets